The 10 Best Sites To Look For Stunning (and Free) Twitter Backgrounds

One of the first rules of being successful with Twitter is to create a custom background.  It does not take a lot of effort and can be made for free.  A custom twitter background helps you stand out from the crowd. With a background different from others, your profile will carry a feeling of uniqueness. It makes a good impression and takes your brand one step forward. Why have the same background that several thousands of other people have?

Today we bring together the best places to lookout for great twitter backgrounds. Don’t want to mess with photoshop creating backgrounds? These make your task easier than ever.

1. Twitter Patterns

Twittter Patterns

2. TwitterBacks


3. TwitBacks


4.cialis pills Twitter Gallery

Twitter Gallery

5. Tweet Style


6. Twitter Backgrounds From LimeShot Designs

LimeShot Designs

7. My Tweet Space

My Tweet Space

8. Twitter Image

Twitter Image

9. Twitter Backgrounds from Webdistortion

Webdistortion Designs

10. Tile Backgrounds from Colorlovers



11. Create your own check tile background for twitter with TartanMaker

12. Some cool tile backgrounds from BGpatterns!

This finishes off with the post. I hope you were able to find a fabulous background for your twitter profile. If you know about more twitter background sites, share it in the comments and let others know about it!  Also, please comment and tell us what you think.


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